Post Lesson Survey

Final Survey

You will not be graded on this survey – We just want to know
what you learned about allergies and the immune system. Don’t worry if
you don’t know the answer – just try your best.

Click the link to the secure survey:

When the survey opens, choose your teacher’s last name from the
drop-down menu. If you don’t see your teacher’s name, type it into the
comment box.

Choose your grade level and class period as well.

Finally, use your unique student ID number. Use the initials
of your first and last names, along with your date of birth (MM/DD/YR).
This will be easy to remember for you to remember. An example: If a
student has the name Matt Richards with a date
of birth of September 29, 2002 would use: MR092902.

NOTE: Ask your teacher if you are confused!

Now you may begin the Allergies survey. It
consists of 27 multiple choice questions, along with questions about
attitudes and demographics. Some questions are optional. Once you
complete all questions, please be sure to select the
DONE button on the last page of the survey so that the responses will
be saved.