Lesson 3

Food Allergy Action Plan

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Food Allergy Action Plan


Asthma (yes/no)

Extremely reactive to the following foods:

Severe Symptoms

Any SEVERE SYMPTOMS after suspected or known ingestion

  2. Call 911.
  3. Begin monitoring (see box below).
  4. Give additional medication:
    1. antihistamine
    2. inhaler (bronchodilator) if asthma
Mild Symptoms Only
  1. Stay with patient; alert healthcare professionals.
  2. If symptoms get worse (see above) USE EPINEPHRINE.
  3. Begin monitoring (see box below).

Stay with patient; alert healthcare professional (and parent, if patient is a child). Tell rescue squad that epinephrine was given; request an ambulance with epinephrine. Note time epinephrine was given. A second dose of epinephrine can be given 5 minutes or more after the first if symptoms continue or come back. For a severe reaction, consider keeping patient lying on back with legs raised.